The death penalty? Given our context, it's not a difficult question

If I were to think through something like the death penalty in a vacuum, apart from social context (this may be impossible), I imagine I’d find arguments against the death penalty more persuasive than arguments for it, but it might be a close call and I might have to do a lot more thinking on the issue.* But the fact is that I don’t have to think much more about it because we aren’t having this conversation in a vacuum. We’re having it in a country where the scales of the criminal justice system are tipped against certain groups. That sytem, from legislation and administraiton to on-the-street enforcement and legal proceedings – including, but not limited to, sentencing – is so incredibly tilted against the poor and laden with the legacy of white supremacy y that I could not possibly justify support for the death penalty. If we ever resolve those problems, then I might just have to take another look at my position.

*(No, I don’t think there’s anything straightfoward about Genesis 9:6, Romans 13, or any other passage that all of a sudden makes this simple from a Christian perspective. I find it really straightforward to reject the simple arguments on either side.)